This is My Story

Life hides mysteries whose enigmas are often presented to us, but it depends on each person to try to decipher them. My name is Steven Capuzzi, I was born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1989 and this is my story.

It all began when I was 13 years old. I had already read the first four Harry Potter books, so I decided it was time to start my own story. One afternoon, I sat on the computer and began to write. “I am a writer”, I dared to say at school, which caused some jokes among my friends. This first story was about a boy called Max whom lived in a kingdom of a medieval time. In the first and only chapter, a castle was attacked by a dark flying shadow. But this tale didn’t get anywhere. Eventually, these shadows, would blend into another universe which I’d create later.

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My beginnings as a writer

It wasn’t until I turned 19, after a trip to New York, that I decided to write again. I had already an idea in my head, so inspired by the trip, I sat every day for a whole year and ended up writing an entire novel of 298 pages, and then, the following year, its sequel. Then, I tried to publish them; and there I found the worst part of being a writer: the editorial rejection, again and again. But this did not stop me, instead, it made me want to be better. Since then, only one thing remainded in my head: what I’d write, whatever it is, must be unprecedented and should literally send the reader's head into space. And that was how I started a new story, incorporating the shadows from the first tale and a style of writing in which I blended reality with fiction. The result was a novel called: Labyrinth of the Zodiac.

Labyrinth of the Zodiac

Maybe the crucial decision in the development of this book, was the main characters selection. Because I had decided to write about people that really existed, real people inserted into a dark and mystic world. I chose a couple of friends, and with myself, I had a group of young adults who would face a series of assaults of fate and would try to survive no matter what. Ediciones Carena published Labyrinth of the Zodiac in november 2013 in Spain, and this is a small synopsis:

“Destiny is a game from which no one can escape, and this time it has caught twelve young people in a tricky riddle, placing their lives in constant danger by being haunted by strange and monstrous events. As they discover themselves, They realize that the only way to survive is to solve the mystery of the Labyrinth Zodiac. These young people must unite and work together to escape the supernatural forces that hunts them down, but as well, they must go through a series of physical changes and prepare themselves for the inevitable battle that is bound to happen.”

Bachelor in Computer Science

During 6 years, I also studied at the University of Carabobo. In 2012 I got a degree in computing. Though initially I detested everything about it, everything changed when I was introduced to Web programming.

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